For many years, I worked and gained experience in accounting offices as an independent accountant, fully responsible for managing matters for the clients entrusted to me. As part of my work, I not only dealt with the accounting of business operations, but also was responsible for customer relations and represented them in different institutions (US, ZUS, etc.). Moreover, for several years I worked as the chief accountant in the budgetary unit in the Economic Administrative Service Team for Educational Entities (Zespół and Obsługi Ekonomiczno-Administracyjnej Jednostek Oświatowych), where I handled a dozen or so schools and supervised the work of several employees.

As an ambition-driven person, full of passion and commitment, I consistently pursued my goal, and in 2018 I ultimately fulfilled my plan to run my own business: I opened my own accounting office. Thus, I translated my well-established knowledge and professional experience into the realization of my professional goal.

I admire entrepreneurial people and respect their efforts. Therefore, I support them in the development of their business on every stage with commitment and openness. My analytical skills and experience help improve the efficiency of companies. I stand open to modern IT solutions, automation and digitalization in accounting. I am a member of the Accountants Association in Poland. I can always work out the best way out of difficult situations. I have the ability to solve problems under stressful conditions. I always keep my deadlines.

And in my personal life...
I love traveling. In my spare time, I design my own sightseeing tours. My openness, empathy and smile make it easier for me to quickly adapt to new places, with respect for the cultural diversity of the local populations. I love being in contact with nature, visiting unique places and tasting local specialties. From every holiday I come back with hundreds of photos, refreshed and full of energy to face the challenges of everyday life. After work, I prefer outdoor activities, but I also like playing board games and solving puzzles.



Accounting office 

Martyna Bury

Modern accounting

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The owner of the Accounting Office holds an Accounting Certificate (Certyfikat Księgowy) entitling to provide bookkeeping services, granted by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland.

Accounting office Martyna Bury

ul. Józefa Becka 16/3

51-672 Wrocław


ul. Karmelkowa 20a

52-437 Wrocław


63-524 Czajków 23

gmina Czajków, woj. wielkopolskie

phone: 601-096-444




Biuro Rachunkowe Martyna Bury

NIP: 894-141-92-38

Regon: 381020361

Accounting Certificate: 67366/2014