Forms of accounting records keeping


  • księgi rachunkowe, or pełna księgowość (comprehensive bookkeeping, or double-entry


  • podatkowa księga przychodów i rozchodów, or PKPiR (revenue and expense ledger, or single-entry bookkeeping)


  • ryczałt od przychodów ewidencjonowanych (tax on registered income without deductible costs)

Keeping of other types of records/registers


  • keeping records for VAT purposes


  • keeping records of fixed assets, intangible assets and equipment


  • keeping human resources and payroll records


  • developing accounting policies

Contacting offices and institutions


  • preparing and submitting annual fiscal statements (balance sheet)


  • preparing and submitting tax declarations/returns


  • generating and sending JPK files (SAF-T, or Standard Audit File for Tax)


  • preparing and submitting reports to GUS (Statistics Poland)


  • preparing and submitting declarations to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)


  • representing clients in the National Revenue Administration (tax offices, treasury departments, etc.)


  • representing clients in ZUS, or Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (Social Insurance Institution)

Accounting office 

Martyna Bury

Modern accounting

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The service price is determined after an interview with a potential customer, defining
the scope of work (such as the average monthly number of documents processed)
and considering the individual customer’s needs.

Accounting office Martyna Bury

ul. Józefa Becka 16/3

51-672 Wrocław


ul. Karmelkowa 20a

52-437 Wrocław


63-524 Czajków 23

gmina Czajków, woj. wielkopolskie

phone: 601-096-444




Biuro Rachunkowe Martyna Bury

NIP: 894-141-92-38

Regon: 381020361

Accounting Certificate: 67366/2014